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"If youre tawinkin to everybody...

  • by Camille Block
  • 6 years ago

... youre tawkin to nobody. - Marie Forelo. I absolutely love this phrase 1) because its true and 2) because it opens up a great discussion about who your brand IS NOT for. There has always been a lot of talk around discovering who your target market is, but today I would like to discuss the opposite.

Who you SHOULD be talking to

Lets take a look at an example shall we? Harley Davidson is one of the most successful brands on the planet, and they didnt get there by being overly broad about their marketing. Their ideal client is a middle-aged tough guy, with a longing for the open road and an assortment or leather jackets and torn jeans to match. They clearly arent actively marketing towards the young pretty girls of the world, or those who require a booster seat attachment for their bike.

This doesnt mean that a lovely young mother with a day job and two kids couldnt purchase a Harley Davidson motorcycle, but thats not their target market. And you know what, thats ok!

So who are you going to not waste time on?

Perhaps the best way to determine this is to take a look at your value statement or list off characteristics that make up your target market. When working your way down these lists, jot down what the opposite of each element would be (feel free to add any additional characteristics you feel apply). Is there any restrictions to your product/service that would be best serviced by another company?

Now that list, are you brave enough to write down in a formal sentence who shouldnt be your customer? Let us know who youre clients arent in the comments down below!

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