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Camille Block

"If youre tawinkin to everybody...

  • by Camille Block
  • 6 years ago

... youre tawkin to nobody. - Marie ForeloI absolutely love this phrase 1) because its true and 2) because it opens up a great discussion about who your brand IS NOT for. There has always been a lot of talk around discovering who your target market is, but today I would like to discuss the opposite.

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Real Rousseau

Real's Focus Corner - Tip #1

  • by Real Rousseau
  • 8 years ago

We first came in contact with Real Rousseau when we decided to start taking our business and strategy to the next level. We realized we had a lot of potential as a business, and had many areas to grow in. That's where Real comes in - his expertise and coaching has been invaluable to us over the last year.

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