Connecting The Dots Between Your Website and Online Presence

February 3, 2020

Being found online is more important than ever. Customers are basing their decisions through a variety of online channels, so it’s important that you have a presence. You know that your primary online marketing tool is your website but have you ever wondered how customers will find it? That’s where utilizing popular channels like Facebook and Google Business becomes a vital part in closing the gap.

The goal is that customers find your listings on these channels, either by explicitly searching for your business name or, by searching for related products or services. They then can take action on the information provided or click-through to your website for more details on what your business offers.

Setting up your business to succeed online is more than just posting a simple promotion before a holiday. It’s also about effectively using the tools that are available to us as business owners so you are findable year round.


Right now, your current and potential customers are online looking for a local spot for their next family dinner, haircut or auto repair. This need could be immediate or it could be leading up to a large purchase in the future. These customers all search and discover businesses differently.

Here are a couple of online web properties that are a must for local business owners, big or small, that increase the chances of being found online:

Facebook Business

Create a page on Facebook using your personal account and go through the process of adding all the details about your business. After you get familiar with Facebook’s page features, kick it up a notch and enable advanced Facebook Messenger features that allow customers to connect more easily.

Google Business

Having an up-to-date and accurate Google listing is very important as 94% of total organic traffic comes straight from Google’s search. 



It’s crucial to keep all online properties up-to-date with the same information across the board. This guarantees customers see the most accurate information available no matter where they find you online. A common example of this is hours of operation and physical store locations.

We suggest setting up some time to audit what presence you have online and what areas need updating. Be sure to include which web properties will need updating if important business information changes.


Some of these tips cross over to our digital marketing department that specializes in everything social media and online advertising. Not familiar with these fields and how they can benefit your business? Check out our social media handbook for some essential guidelines and tips to get a running start!


Our digital marketing and technical teams at Sproing are here to help. Send us a message or stop by the office and discover solutions to help you succeed online and offline.

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