I Want To Shoot A Video… But Where Do I Start?

June 2, 2021

When it comes to marketing, it’s all about capturing and engaging your target audience’s attention. Video marketing has become an effective medium to accomplish just that. Not only does the world watch billions of hours of video each day, but videos are an easy-to-digest format, entertaining, and effective storytelling tool. Those in the marketing industry also love utilizing video because of the potentially huge return on marketing spend. 

It’s often we hear clients approach us wanting to implement video in their marketing strategy. Some clients even come with a vision and some general ideas of concepts. At Sproing, we are all about producing professional high-quality videos that not only showcase your business but are also seamlessly coordinated and cleverly designed to engage your ideal clients. In fact, we believe adding video is one of the most important parts of your marketing!

In the following paragraphs, we’ll cover the importance of paying close attention to the details and explore the necessary pre-production steps for a successful video product, tying it all together to form actionable advice. 

Ready? Lights… Camera… Action!

Strategic & Creative Inspiration

This piece of the planning process is sometimes overlooked. But at Sproing, we start every project with a conversation around purpose and goals. This is the true catalyst for the rest of the production and post production process.

At this stage we often ask – who is your target audience? And what do we want them to take away from the video? These conversations are crucial as they usually lead us down the path of how the video will be executed – will your audience engage more with an interview? Voice over? Will the video be used for targeted ad purposes or more of a documentary/ “who are we” style? All of these elements determine the extent of pre and post production. 

We are a team of creatives and marketing strategists, and every project we deliver blends technicality and creativity, with value at the forefront.

The Script & Storyboard

Once we have a strong grasp on the goals and the creative juices are flowing, we work with our clients to bring their vision to life in the form of a script and/or storyboard. Not only does this step include dissecting a script outline it may also include a written script for narration or voiceover and may include opening and closing visuals, and a detailed shot list.

Regardless if your video strategy includes a formal script, you are going to need a solid structure moving forward with your project. You do not want to miss out on key elements during production that bring your story to life.

But, what about the client and how they feel throughout the process? We would be remiss if we didn’t include the people’s side of video pre-production. Depending on the story you want to tell, it might work best to have employees star in your video, or you may want to consider having actors. There are pros and cons to using both, and we can discuss your options or how best to utilize the “talent” to bring together the most authentic story or ad.

Get The Right Equipment

This is what brings your video to the next level. Now, cell phone cameras have come a long way – but they just don’t compare to high quality lighting and sound equipment!  

If the above planning steps were about vision and goals, this part is all about the details. It’s important to ask yourself “What will I need to pull off my video?” In order to produce your video, will it require multiple cameras, precise audio equipment or aerial drone footage? Coordinating all equipment needed for the day of shoot is crucial to a successful project. From organizing to setup and tear down, it’s our job to keep it all moving. Keeping these details in mind makes every production smoother.

In both video and photography production, handling every detail allows you to relax and settle into your role in the production. 

The Right Place

Something that makes a resonating impact on your video is the location. Is this the ultimate location for shooting the video? Even a simple video production may require location scouting to nail down the best location(s) – to show you in the best light and in the quietest of places for the best sound. Depending on if you want to shoot in a studio, or on a location (or multiple locations), this can include a great deal of coordination. 

The best way to build an accurate production schedule is to structure it around keeping flexible. For instance, outdoor shoots are dependent on Mother Nature, lighting at certain times of the day, and even shadows that can play havoc on starting a shoot at the wrong time of the day.  When it comes to locations, ensure you are meeting all requirements, such as getting permission to shoot on a property that may turn out to not be that public! 

By visiting locations ahead of time it gives you the chance to also update your shot list and storyboard with more accurate pictures and details.

Communication, Communication, Communication.

Behind the scenes of a professional video production is strong communication from project kick off, to final file formats and distribution. At Sproing, our goal is to communicate all questions and deadlines, and ensure your project is on track. 

Prior to showing up on-site for filming, our team will ensure that scripts have been reviewed and approved, interview questions discussed, characters are checked, schedule is finalized, and locations are confirmed. All these details will help ensure that the production phase goes smoothly, and everyone is aware of their role – making for a calm and stress free shoot!


The production process is different for everyone, but at its core, it always requires the fusion of both technical and creative elements to create something lasting and memorable. At Sproing, we’re constantly fine tuning the process of  matchmaking these elements  for the best solutions for video production and storytelling!

In both the planning and active production phases, we foster an environment of judgement-free innovation and expression. We ask questions, we ponder, we daydream. It’s in these moments that we unleash the creativity within. Once a direction emerges, we then tackle all the behind the scenes work that brings strategy together so you walk away with a finished product that exceeds your expectations.

One of our passions is bringing visions to life, with strategic and coordinated planning.

Sproing Video Services

Here at Sproing, our team of seasoned professionals are ready to help create the enduring impact you need to set your business apart from the rest. Our process is organized, creative, and fun! We care deeply about maximizing your investment and want you to enjoy every step of the journey. We’re here to amplify your value proposition, offering the following video production services: 

  • Production – In-studio or on-site
  • Full Production Crew – Videographers, Photographers, Producers, Directors
  • Editing – Professional, efficient post-production
  • Voice Over – Access to various talents to match your vision
  • Animation – Including graphics and animated characters
  • Drone – Fully insured and certified pilot, state of the art equipment

For more information on video production services and available packages, click here