In today’s online world, video is essential to build awareness, attract prospects and produce sales. We work closely with you to write, produce, direct and edit great videos for all of your marketing needs. Bring your business to life through creative video content to drive engagement and increase brand visibility.

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In-studio or on-site, our master videographers and filmmakers have the tools and talent to help you impress customers and outshine competitors. Our diverse team brings big ideas to life, no matter the size or purpose.


Behind the scenes is where the storytelling magic happens; we bring together the footage, script, music and effects to deliver the finished product. The entire post-production process is handled in-house for maximum efficiency using industry standards tools and software.


The storyteller is just as important as the story. We have access to voice talent suitable to your product or service and make the audio connection your audience seeks. Our in-house sound studio and audio technicians play a key role in bringing the script to life.


Animation is the perfect way to tell a detailed, timeless story concisely. Using graphics and animated characters can help tell stories dealing with diversity, languages, geographical restrictions, technical data or calculation, and instructional scripts in a cost-effective format.


Nothing adds production quality quite like an aerial view of your location or product in its natural environment to give your audience a fresh perspective. Our fully insured Transport Canada Certified Drone Pilot uses state-of-the-art equipment to capture unique angles and dynamic imagery that never disappoints.

Of people would like to see more video from brands in 2021.
Seconds of video footage captured annually.
Video views annually.
Video projects annually.
Of people say they prefer to learn about a new product/service by watching a short video.
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Video watch-time on Youtube annually.
Seconds of drone footage annually.

Pricing made simple.

With our team walking you through the whole process, you'll forget a camera is on. The result is incredible.

Small $2,040.50

Introducing Us

  • Create the ultimate website video - who you are, what you do best, and the benefits you bring to your clients
  • Concept and script development
  • 3 hours on location with a director and camera operator (interviews or testimonials)
  • Editing, music, simple graphics
  • 1:00 - 1:30 minute final video exported in YouTube or Vimeo format
Large $3,170.00

Get to Know Us

  • A Company Overview or Product Awareness/Launch Video
  • Includes 2 Cameras + Producer - 3-hour shoot, Editing, Music, Production Fee, Equipment
  • 1 x 60 second + 1 x 15-Second Video Version for Ads
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Custom Solution

  • Need a custom solution over and above our convenient packages? Our team loves challenges and we're committed to seeing our clients reach their goals.

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