Sproing Photos – A Year In Review

January 3, 2020

Sproing had a fantastic year for photography and we were very fortunate to have been part of some diverse and exciting projects both near and far. Near being right here at home in Vernon, BC and far being all the way to Auckland, New Zealand. Needless to say, I was very happy to take one for the team by starting the year off in the southern hemisphere capturing fresh photos and video for Wainui Golf and Function Centre during their inaugural SE Asia PGA tournament.

Back at home,  Jeff and I were kept busy  with plenty of lifestyle shoots, which is invariably  one of our favourite areas of work. The goal with lifestyle photography is to have a collection of images that tell a story about people and places without looking contrived or staged – that’s the challenge because those shoots require scouting locations, selecting models, props, clothing, planning schedules and then the weather has to cooperate. It’s a subtle  balance of planning, skill, talent, faith and luck.

Usually the weather is quite reliable in the Okanagan but this year we had an extremely challenging summer navigating the very smokey conditions that most of us in Western Canada experienced in August. It was a frustrating  situation when planning outdoor shoots such as drone work, lifestyle and scenics and unfortunately I think we have to expect more of the same in the years to come. This will force us to coordinate differently with clients in the future to avoid delays in production and keep projects moving.

Fortunately we live in the Okanagan where we are blessed with four seasons so there is a myriad  of opportunity to capture perfect blue sky days for clients. I have included a collection of images from a wide range of projects taken this year.

All the best in 2019 I hope you have a successful and productive year ahead.