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We are a group of strategists, programmers, marketers, designers, innovators and out of the box thinkers fuelled by passion and strategy. We execute with purpose and focus on measurable, actionable results.

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Real Rousseau, BSc.Eng.

Partner / CEO

Heath Fletcher

Partner / CMO

Karina Hettler

Operations Manager

Jade Wiens, BBA

Marketing Manager

Connie Viszlai, BSc, PCC

Business Strategist

Taylor Gottfred, BBA

Marketing Lead

Charl Labuschagne

Senior Website Developer

Tricia Cooney

Production Lead

Tristan Humphries, BBA

Senior Marketing Coordinator

Joe Pinheiro

Video Director & Editor

Emilie Messier, BBA

SEO Analyst & Website Project Coordinator

Tanya Snyder, BA

Marketing Coordinator

Randi Buerfeind

Photographer & Drone Pilot

Keli Westgate

Voice Over Talent

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Staff Testimonials

Every day is a new challenge...a new opportunity. I truly believe that my personal growth has been inspired by the creativity and enthusiasm of the individuals around me.

Sproing is more than just a group of marketers, we are experts in all crafts, with the initiative and drive to complete any project.

I love the people I work with and no matter what comes our way, the team can always seem to make it work and find the fun in all things.

Every day here offers new challenges and opportunities to grow.

The great thing about working at Sproing is that there is never a dull moment. The online world is changing every day, and this means that there are regular challenges and new and exciting things to learn all the time!

Sproing is a collaborative and inclusive place where people are encouraged to bring out the best of themselves every day. Our greatest resource at Sproing is the amazing team of people that work here.

The best word to describe Sproing is unique. There is no other company in Vernon offering this variety of services with such a talented team.

This is my favourite job of all time and what makes it great are the people that I get to work with and converse with every day.

Sproing is filled with compassionate people, who arrive at work with smiles on their faces, willing to take on the world, or at least help our clients.