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Heath Fletcher

Experience Wainui

Golf is a game I don’t get to play a lot of but my profession as a photographer has granted me the opportunity to cover some spectacular events with some of the biggest names in golf - Fred Couples, Greg Norman, Mike Weir, Camilo Villegas, Stephen Ames and Chi-Chi Rodríguez, to name a few.
Joe Pinheiro

Sproing Video Approach

As a business owner, video is possibly the greatest tool to reach your audience effectively while personalizing your brand. Now instead of watching another video on your phone - let’s go create one! Nothing’s stopping you.
Amanda Homeniuk

Design with the end in mind

When you come to Sproing for help with your visual communications, we like to begin the creative process with something called a design discovery meeting. It’s a conversation that’s intended to provide context for the design team and help us get up to speed with your business and understand your client’s needs, behaviours and attitudes. We want to confirm that what matters to you is in line with what matters to your customers and hopefully strike the perfect balance of both.
Joe Pinheiro


When we met with Rhonda Catt earlier this year and she shared Peter’s Story with us we knew right away that we would work together. Rhonda’s determination and courage to create a Heart Health Awareness video that would save lives amidst her family tragedy, was nothing short of inspiring.
Case Mills

Artificial Intelligence - Changing the Digital Landscape

Computer and related technologies are improving and advancing at an ever increasing rate and each major advancement has ushered in a significant shift in the way we live our lives. Each advancement also resulted in a shift in our daily lives. As we continue to develop technologically, we’re progressing ever closer towards a new advancement, one that could drastically alter our lives forever, Artificial Intelligence.
Amanda Homeniuk

Time For A Change?

Unlike a bad yearbook photo tucked away on a shelf, your brand is on display every day. It's out there talking to your customers about your business before you even get a chance - so, have you stopped to think about what it's saying to them lately?
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