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Increased Social Audience by 339%

Searching for a growth partner, Brentwell Construction came to us to develop its brand identity. With the existing logo unaligned with Matt's business vision and target audience, we created a strategy to bring Brentwell's branding, marketing and content to the next level.

Business Goals

Brentwell Construction has been serving the Okanagan area for over 10 years. They offer everything from general contracting to custom builds, as well as investment opportunities and advice. It doesn't take long to see the passion behind Matt and his team, and it truly shows in all of their projects - making our job easy capturing the builds! With a passion for numbers, results and growth, Brentwell Construction was ready to break through the barriers of online marketing.


Sproing was tasked with building a new brand identity to be showcased through various online marketing mediums, including paid advertisements, video and photography and social media. The branding would represent the company as a leader in the commercial and residential construction industry across BC.


After implementing strategic marketing campaigns with professional videography and photography, Brentwell Construction solidified its market position. As a result, Matt Brenton sought out business coaching support to continuously propel his business forward.

Sproing Example Work

Brentwell Construction


“It has been a pleasure working with Sproing. Their team is knowledgeable, organized and very responsive when we have questions or concerns. Their services have provided us with positive business growth and a huge online presence, with very active social pages and a beautiful website.”

Matt Brenton

Through ongoing business coaching, Sproing has helped us set business goals and look at them in a focused and organized way. The tools Sproing have provided us with have been very beneficial for forecasting and planning for growth.

Matt Brenton

Our favourite part about working with Sproing is their friendly and knowledgeable staff. We appreciate the hard work and creativity that goes into creating social media content and building a new website.

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