Fill Vernon

Over 2,700 Ad Clicks in 30 Days

Teresa came to us with a clear vision of the future brand of Fill Vernon. The goal was to create a brand that was simple, clean, cool and trending.

Business Goals

After winning the 2019 Vernon Enterprise Challenge, Fill Vernon was passionate about kicking plastic to the curb and reusing existing containers. After only being open for 6 and a half months, Fill Vernon (and Fill customers) have saved over 30,000 (and counting) plastics from entering the landfill!


Teresa Sanders (Owner) endeavoured to create a brand empowering people to join the refill revolution.


With a marketing strategy in place, the brand was carried through website design and development, social media and online marketing to promote the movement towards kicking plastic to the curb.

We created an eCommerce website through Shopify, making products easily viewable and purchasable online. With strategy behind every campaign, Fill Vernon’s following, the website traffic and business launched with a boom!


It has been an absolute pleasure working with the Sproing team. I appreciate the level of excitement, professionalism and competence everyone at Sproing brought to my business. Sproing nailed the launch of my branding, marketing and website. The team optimized the business’s presence on Google through Google ads that really worked! Sproing increased our online presence and made it so people can find us on all the platforms with a readily available website and ads that are top of searches.

Key Metrics

― Site Pageviews


Website pageviews per day.

― Email Subscriptions


Email subscriptions in the first 30 days.

― Social Following


Increased social following in 6 months.