Nicholas Alexander Home & Garden

Increased Revenue By 29%

We captured creative, memorable moments representing the culture, people, and products, effectively marketing the business as the garden centre of choice.

Nick Moffat, Owner, initiated a meeting with Real (Sproing’s Business Strategy/Coach) to foster the growth of the business. Fast forward one year, the Sproing strategy team has helped implement departmental operating budgets, financial forecasting processes, organizational structure designed to support growth, ongoing hiring strategy and employee onboarding processes.

Business Goals

Nicholas Alexander offers a comprehensive package!
Stocked with quality gardening products, gifts and unique items, Nicholas Alexander's Garden Centre has everything you need to get growing. The team of experienced professionals is passionate about turning your dream project into a reality, also offering full-service landscape design. From online advertising to capturing great visuals, we love working with Nicholas Alexander and showcasing all of the great products and services they offer.


Nick Moffat, Owner, wanted to embrace his industry’s digital landscape and get even more in touch with his customers. As Nick grew his family's legacy from Art Knapps to Nicholas Alexander Home & Garden, he desired to show the personal connection between his family and their long-standing loyal customers.


Through intentional video marketing, social media advertising and ongoing business strategy support, the Moffat family saw their business rapidly bloom.


Videos and digital marketing was the first thing Sproing helped with and that is still being done and seems to work really well. Jade is good at making ads feel organic and off the cuff. Jade knows our voice and tone and she is great at her job.

Nick Moffat, Owner Nicholas Alexander Home & Garden

Business coaching has helped a lot with the day-to-day running of the business. The business coaching and planning for the future of the business has been really valuable and helped elevate the brand.

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