Stay Revy

Grew Rental Properties By 200% Within 2 Weeks

The Sproing strategy and marketing team enjoys working with Emily in both a business mentor and marketing strategy capacity.

Emily wanted to create a brand that expressed everything that Revelstoke has to offer. We were able to take Emily’s ideas and develop a design that does just this, with variations suitable for each season.

Business Goals

Stay Revy is a new business launch incorporated this year. The business started as a passion for Revelstoke and all of its beauty. Owner, Emily Revell, wanted to offer homeowners a streamlined option for renting their vacation properties in Revelstoke, bringing everything Revelstoke offers to tourists.


Emily approached Sproing when Stay Revy was an idea. With business coaching and marketing strategy, we helped Emily bring her business and passion to life.


Within two weeks of Stay Revy’s launch and the pricing and marketing strategy developed by Sproing and Emily, Stay Revy has added three exceptional rental properties to its portfolio and accomplished its first property bookings.


Working with Sproing has been absolutely fantastic, I don’t think I would be in the situation I am now if it wasn’t for Real’s help.

When working with Antonio on my logo he captured the essence of my company perfectly. After only a few meetings he was able to represent the vision of Stay Revy in a brand. I am so excited to use this branding for not only the essential parts of my company but also to make some awesome merchandise that I can share and sell. I am so lucky to have had a team pay such close attention to what I wanted to portray for my company.

Key Metrics

― Social Reach


People reached with 1 post.

― Social Followers


Followers in less than a day of opening the business.

― Booking Sales


Booking sales within the first 3 months of opening.