The Room Collection

Grew Sales & Profitability By 28%

Once financial, inventory, and purchasing processes were in place, Real frequently met with Alison and Karen (Owners) to discuss operational aspects of the business and growth opportunities. Still today, Alison and Karen carve out time monthly to meet with Real to discuss various high-level topics, best described as shareholder/strategic direction conversation.

Sproing created strategic marketing campaigns to target The Room Collection’s target audiences through Facebook product carousels, video marketing and Google text ads that showcase the business’s carefully-sourced, beautiful decor items.

Business Goals

The Room Collection is a local home decor and furniture store located in the heart of downtown Vernon. They believe in “buy well, buy once,” offering a variety of accessories and furniture to transform your home. Alison and Karen, lifelong friends, are interior design experts and are always happy to provide advice or answer any questions you may have!


As one of Sproing’s longest-served coaching clients, The Room Collection first approached our team with a recently purchased business. With years of home decor experience, Alison and Karen sought out a growth partner to support setting up processes, systems, tracking and understanding the metrics that come with owning a retail business.


After only two years of working closely with Real, The Room Collection was awarded the ‘retailer of the year.’ Today, they continue to collaborate with Real and our marketing team to secure their online presence effectively.


The variety of services Sproing has provided has embodied our vision into a visual brand, which has stood the test of time and worked for our business. In the coaching capacity, Sproing has helped us, as business owners, to focus and put marketing dollars to our daily activities and link those activities to sales targets which ultimately has helped us succeed.

Karen & Alison, Owners The Room Collection

An important thing for us was that we feel Sproing and the team are genuinely invested in seeing our business succeed. We feel that we have a team of talented people routing for us and who truly care at a personal level.

Key Metrics

― Facebook Clicks


Ad clicks on Facebook in 1 month.

― Awards


Retailer Of The Year award within 2 years.

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Increased website traffic.

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Increased Facebook web traffic.