Video Production Is The Key To Marketing Endurance – Here’s Why

February 22, 2021

Endurance is not merely the willingness to stay in the game – It’s the inclination to prepare, strategize and execute. It’s going the extra mile, having the courage to bring it all together.

Marathoners know this all too well. They may have a ‘never say die’ mentality on the starting line, but capped is their potential without adequate preparation and strategy.

Marketing your business effectively requires its own type of endurance. It’s not just about imaginative ad copy and a wicked website, or budget allocation and quality graphic design.

No, to foster meaningful marketing endurance, you need professional video production. In the following post, I’m going to break down why video is so crucial to lasting marketing prowess, as well as the three steps to take to ensure enduring success. And to cap it all off, we’ll showcase a past video of ours, one more impactful than we could have ever predicted.

What Makes Video So Special? 

Yes, it’s true; the average human attention span is at least one second less than that of a goldfish. And the average time people spend with a piece of content? About a third of that eight seconds, at most. 

I’m not here to tell you why that is or how this sucks for marketers. That’s been done before. Instead, we accept it as a given and find effective ways to embrace it. We double down and capture attention anyway. 

Professional videos work because they’re designed to be impactful and digestible. The online world is not getting any less complicated. The saturation of mere opinions and poorly produced junk creates an appetite for high-quality content that cuts through the noise. With higher impact comes a greater chance of endurance.  

Video content is extremely durable. You can repurpose video assets and use it for other relevant mediums to your audience. It reduces your need for yet more content at additional costs. For example, you can take a 90-second video and repurpose it into shorter videos for social media or digital advertising. You can take snapshots of video for photographic content. Authentic, professional video content allows you to endure the selling landscape with more options and flexibility.

So, how do you plan and execute an awesome video? And once you have your videos in-hand, how do you make sure it reaches the people it needs to for enduring impact? Let’s tackle this step-by-step, shall we?

The Planning Process: Where Creativity Grows Wings

Impactful video content begins with adequate planning. There’s simply no way around it!

First, we collaborate and get creative! Many brains potentiate great ideas, but it starts with an ideation process free of judgement. We take your goals and run in many different directions and see where it takes us. And eventually, like boomerangs, novel ideas come zooming back.

Often these creative bursts lead to entirely new concepts you would’ve never thought about before. This strategy applies to visual concepts and the writing process, as we gradually find something unique to cut through the noise. Because most marketing campaigns forego this free creativity and expression period in the early stages, there’s no surprise that we’re inundated with tepid advertisements. 

You should be excited about your video shoots, armed with the confidence that you found something cool to showcase to your audience. You employed a strategy and it shows! Your audience will appreciate such thoughtfulness.

Execution: Video Alchemy

With the most challenging part behind us, we now turn to the most complex: your video’s production and execution.

All videos require some form of production. Some videos only need some filming/shooting and voice-over recordings, while others require animation features or drone work. No matter the scope of your video, the production team is tasked with gathering all relevant materials in preparation for editing. 

Video editing then takes these production assets and turns them into something tangible and usable. The resulting video is your creativity and our production skill fusing, alchemized into the final product. 

Your video production team then hands over these assets for you to implement into your marketing! 

Distribution: The Final Boss 

This final step is crucial to making the most of your video production budget. The professional video you’re so stoked about has to be distributed to the right places to guarantee impact! This closing of the marketing loop is required to create the enduring effect you set out to produce. 

Don’t let your beautiful work of art go lonely!

When it comes to organic marketing channels like those on social media, post your video alongside some simple copy enticing to your audience. You want to encourage people to engage with your messaging. You also want to encourage people to share it with ‘their people’ to maximize reach. You’ve had the pleasure of helping your audience; you want to encourage them to help you, too! 

For paid digital marketing, be sure to hire someone professional to distribute your content, particularly if you have limited experience in doing so. Let this be a word of warning that putting dollars behind your content is no guarantee that it will impact the right people. Digital marketing is a skill, and there are specific methods for maximizing the reach and impact of video content on the many available platforms.

You’ve spent the money to create your video, and now’s the time to finish the job and distribute it like a true pro!

Conclusion + Case Study

The video process is one of the more complex marketing strategies, likely the main reason why so few people take advantage of its proven benefits. Quality videos require an upfront investment of time and resources, and the gumption to close the loop. 

Endurance requires the courage to do what others won’t. It demands a higher level of desire to make the difference you want to make. Video production is the key to marketing endurance because it is complex and difficult, with the rewards being well worth the cost. Adhering to the three steps above will help you make the impact you want to make and allow your product or service to endure the test of time. 

Peter’s Story

The Peter’s Story video was produced to bring awareness to heart health. Rhonda Catt, a local Vernon business owner, had her husband tragically pass away of a heart attack without any commonly known warning signs beforehand. She had the courage and vulnerability to tell this story, bringing experts and community members into the fold to help in the production. Rhonda never could have imagined the video would spark a movement, as you’ll see below the following video link

The video would go on to inspire thousands of people and reach national press, with important stakeholders in the hockey world taking notice and sharing their own stories on this issue. The video has over 2,300 shares on Facebook. 

While this was not a commercial endeavour, it showcases the power of storytelling through the art of video production. With video, your story comes to life for the audience. See below for additional Peter’s Story resources, including the website and ever-popular Facebook page. 

To view the Peter’s Story website, click here.

To view the Peter’s Story Facebook page, click here. 

Sproing Video Services

Here at Sproing, our team of seasoned professionals are ready to help create the enduring impact you need to set your business apart from the rest. Our process is organized, creative and fun! We care deeply about maximizing your investment and want you to enjoy every step of the journey. We’re here to amplify your value proposition, offering the following video production services: 

  • Production – In-studio or on-site
  • Full Production Crew – Videographers, Photographers, Producers, Directors
  • Editing – Professional, efficient post-production
  • Voice Over – Access to various talents to match your vision
  • Animation – Including graphics and animated characters
  • Drone – Fully insured and certified pilot, state of the art equipment

For more information on video production services and available packages, click here