Web Trends For 2022

December 16, 2021

Jump on the Web Trend Express

Every year we are catapulted into a web environment that is changing rapidly. In the marketing world we have to be equipped to embrace these changes and jump on the train!

2022 will be a year of no exceptions to this pace of change. Designers and developers are recognizing a desire for pages to reflect a playfulness while keeping navigation of sites simple and fast. 

Check out our insights to web design for 2022!


Mini-Sites as defined by technopedia is a small website marketing a specific product or service for achieving a particular goal using a small number of customized webpages. The idea is that the site doesn’t require many pages to achieve its goals. These sites are completely geared to the audience who doesn’t want to poke through boring corporate sites to find what they need. Any industry can use these minisites to promote their services and products, or to highlight their mission. 

The sites encourage your web developers and designers to let loose and get creative in the marketing of the product or service. Many will tie in puzzles throughout the site, making a scavenger hunt type experience. Interactive features are the highlight of these types of sites.

Having a more focused audience and targeted content, allows you to get creative with the site navigation and design.
For example, Lucidworks minisite provides insight into the scale and cost of lost data. They creatively use color and iceberg imaging to reinforce their message. Their minisite breaks out an integral message they want to be shared, using the format effectively. This can be done for any company trying to market a service or product.

App-like Experiences

According to Hubspot’s marketing Trends for 2022 report, more than half of online traffic comes from mobile devices. This means mobile optimization for sites is going to be even more important as this number is projected to grow in the next year. Creating sites and experiences that are more app-like are going to at the forefront of web developers minds.

How do you do this? The key to the design of these sites is to focus on the front-end. Focus on the simplicity of the user experience from code to front end design.

One-page Websites

As you’ve probably noticed so far, simplicity is the buzzword. What’s more simple than a one-page website? These sites evoke the feeling of reading a flyer or poster. Information is focused on the page without needing supplemental navigation – everything is in one place! You can think of this as a resume for your product or service.

Art Deco Motifs

A renaissance of design! Web design is a piece of art, and in sites we are seeing a nod to motifs from the 20s. Minimalist design with clean, curving edges and repetitive graphic shapes are at the forefront of 2022 web design. 

The art deco motifs of the 20s bring forth elements of boldness and simplicity. The history behind the Art Deco movement was centered around embracing modernity and machine-driven glory with a desire to leave behind the past and seize the future. 

Visual cues you can find from this movement are:

  • Repetitive Patterns
  • Geometric shapes with an emphasis on linear repetition
  • Simplified figures and shapes
  • Crisp edges

Fewer Images, More Collages

In 2022, we are expecting an emphasis on style over distracting, splashy images. Designers are finding that ‘Hero’ images give a big visual impact while putting an emphasis on content. Doing this influences

a priority on brand identity. Creatively using your layout, typography, and color creates an enticing experience to users. When using photos to advertise a product or service, it will be key to use collage style photos on focused areas that don’t distract from the content. In the collage style you can incorporate illustrations, images, and mix up shapes to fit with your brand.

Interactive and Oversized Typography

Again with a focus on style, there is definitely going to be an emphasis on your use of typography. Playing with the use of oversized fonts you can put the focus on certain elements of your services, brand, mission. These are attractive to the eye, and keep people scrolling. 

Along with this, interactivity in your fonts are a fun way to create a unique experience on your website. For example, on our website you find that your cursor will spark certain elements like our name to change to words we want to highlight. Pro-tip – be sure to tie these words to your SEO marketing strategy for purpose driven design.

Page Speed Prioritization

On the technical side of things, page speed is a front-of-mind priority. The Google 2021 Algorithm update has elevated the importance of page speed in its calculation. In 2022, this will affect your website’s SEO. This also illustrates the user’s expectations for fast browsing. 

Developers will have to ensure pages load quickly through image optimization and deferred offscreen image loading. Considerations about platforms using plug-ins will also be essential. Those that use too many plug-ins can affect load speed.

Dynamic Content

With users wanting a fast, interactive experience, dynamic content is going to be vital for developers. Dynamic content typically changes based on user signals, in-session behaviour, user data and behaviour. This creates a personalized experience by increasing the relevance of content to the site user.

Dynamic content allows you to add, update, and import content whenever you want. You’ve likely seen these in web elements that incorporate sliders with recommended products that are suggested based on the product or service the user is viewing.

Designing content to update automatically will save time and hassle for developers. It also allows content to be tweaked for performance. Implementing this in your web design is a surefire way to boost conversions.

All Aboard?

Your website is a powerful marketing tool and staying up to date with the latest trends helps use it to its fullest potential. We hope this list inspires you to make some changes to your web design for the New Year! 

If you’re planning to catch the train, our web development team is ready to help! If you’re located in Vernon or elsewhere, we are ready to help! Visit our services page to learn more about web development & design. 

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