Custom vs ‘Template’ Websites

July 21, 2022

What Type of Website Will Address Your Business’s Needs?

The World Wide Web is home to so many different vehicles of communication. This includes the very web applications which make it possible to build your own website – and there is no shortage of these. As a business we know you’re aware of these options and that communication is key to reaching your clients and providing the information they need. We often work with clients debating between the popular template website builders (like Wix or Squarespace) and the powerful, custom web design option. 

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What we feel is important in this debate, is what kind of website is going to facilitate your clients’ needs and engage users, while generating leads and growing your brand awareness. This matched with your budget will get you the website that is right for you.

We’ll walk you through some of the benefits and limitations of template vs choosing the custom-developed option!

Template Websites

User-Friendly Software. The main benefit of templated websites is that they function on simple-to-use platforms. These interfaces work off an admin portal which allows you the ability to drag and drop content into the premade template. This often means ease of updating web content on your own.

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Price Helps Small Businesses Get Started. If you are a small business just getting on your feet, it can be hard to hire a web developer right away to help with your website. Template websites are a great option for a lower budget. These often have a cheaper up-front cost associated with them, especially if you just need a temporary space and are just starting out.

Simplicity for One-Page or Portfolio Websites. Due to the simple layouts of these websites and the ability to easily drag and drop media content on their backends, template websites can be effective in creating a page where less is more.

Limitations. While these websites are often budget-friendly and user-friendly, there are several restrictions. The first is that customizations such as eCommerce functionality, mobile responsiveness, and design options are clunky and can frustrate users on your website, leading to lost sales and traffic. Second, is that these types of sites are often open to cyber attacks due to vulnerabilities in their security. This leaves you and your website susceptible to malware and compromised credentials or domains. Additional concerns from the ability to scale the website as your business grows, and the functionality of integrating other marketing efforts like digital paid marketing with your website.

Custom Websites

Every Detail is Fully Customizable and Long-Lasting. Unlike template websites, website development done by a developer can be customized to exactly what you want and need. The website will fit your business instead of having to fit your business into a template. This also allows you to fully incorporate your business’s branding into your web design. Having a team behind your website build will also help you create a website that will be adaptable to your business as it grows and changes. We’ve written a blog on branding tips for your business you can check out here!

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Application Integration. With custom websites, you have the power to turn your website from a vehicle of communication into a hub where your clients or customers can do everything they need to do. Custom websites allow you to incorporate many powerful plugins or custom applications that will enhance the user experience on your website. This can include:

  • E-commerce Functionality
  • Blogs or Forums
  • Client Portals
  • Interactive Graphics
  • Connection of Related Pages (customized linking of related topics for users)
  • Form Integration
  • Social Media Connectors
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Improved SEO Performance. SEO plays a large role in the success of any website. Custom websites are able to follow SEO guidelines closely which means the search engine algorithms will notice your website! Throughout the web design and development process, web developers can optimize each page of your website by using meta-data, keyword research, and script structure to ensure your website is relevant to related searches. Custom websites just naturally have a better ranking on the system! Read more about building a strong  SEO strategy here.

Security and Ownership. Your website is yours! With a custom website, you are not at the mercy of Wix or other website servers. This means if they go offline or are subject to a cyber attack, your website will not be affected. Keeping your information and data safe from cyber threats is one of the most important benefits of custom websites.

Let’s Craft Your Digital Home!

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Many have paralleled choosing custom web development and design to the decision to buy a BMW or Mercedes. You are investing in a vehicle that is more powerful, faster and designed with quality. Template websites can be a great temporary option for new businesses, however, custom websites are an investment that will generate powerful results. The sky is the limit!

If you still have questions about your website development or are located in Vernon or Salmon Arm and looking for web design, we’d love to answer any questions you may have. Let’s talk about your project!

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