Why Your Business Or Brand NEEDS Social Media Marketing

July 2, 2021

Now more than ever, the importance of social media marketing for your business has never been greater. Social media marketing helps you connect with your customers, boost your leads or sales, stay competitive, and increase awareness of your brand. 

Let’s get this straight – Your business needs a social media presence.

It doesn’t matter if you run a small coffee shop or a large corporation. Social media users have now reached beyond 2.43 billion people and are expected to grow in the coming years (Cloohawk, 2018). Social media is the easiest, and quickest way to visually show a large number of potential customers your unique business.

If you are, however, still considering if social media is a valuable option for your business, we go over some important reasons why it’s a wise business strategy to explore. 

Let’s get started! 

To Build Your Brand (and your awareness too) 

With social media marketing, you can gain followers, introduce your brand to new customers, and engage with them more than ever. As a business owner, you can easily build your brand online, and create a personality that others will experience for themselves. 

Simply put: social media gets your brand visible. 

Consistent social posts easily boost awareness of your brand and get visibility to a large audience within a short period of time. The most common, and popular social media platforms: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and Tik Tok are free for personal and business use. Your brand has nothing but to gain when creating a social media presence! 

To Boost Customer Service

Just like any communication channel such as emails or phone calls, social media is only different in one way – it’s more public. However, don’t let this scare you – this just gives your brand or business time to shine in the eyes of a larger group of people! Any inquiry online is a golden opportunity for brands to publicly showcase their customer service skills and highlight how they resolve situations. 

This is best described as “social listening” or listening to your audience. Show your audience that you are listening to their concerns, and developing products or services that cater to their needs or current interests. This is an easy way to build trust and long-lasting customer relationships.

To Stay Competitive

Your competitors more likely than not, have a social media presence and are actively using it. That additional presence makes your competitors more likely to be seen online in comparison to your brand. For example, most avid Instagram users will probably recognize the brands: Sugar bear hair, Square space, or Birch box (Ifluenz, 2019). These brands all have one thing in common; they built their brand from social media. This is why staying competitive means staying social!

An additional advantage also includes utilizing social media to help you analyze your competitors’ current strategies. Your brand can look into your competitors’ current level of engagement, how they are utilizing social media and follow any of their active or previous campaigns. Considering how public social media is, it’s very easy to track and compare your brand to hold the advantage. 

To Gain Attention for Events

Social media marketing can be utilized in particular for generating interest in events or campaigns. It’s a great strategy to build and create energy or excitement for an upcoming event. Using photos, videos, text, articles or simple graphics can generate interest and immediate awareness for your event or campaign. Even better, Facebook events are easily created and generate quick interest through the platform itself. It’s an incredible way to increase brand awareness!

Additionally, it’s easy to spread the word about your campaign with the use of hashtags. These hashtags that could be specific to an event or generic to a cause – make it easy for users to find your event, see your brand, and follow or share your content. 

Promoting your events are made simple through the use of social media posts, stories, reels, etc. Those users seeing and interacting with your posts can easily get pulled through to generate traffic to your website. 

Grow your social media, grow your audience and get the traffic to your website! 

To Grow Your Audience

How familiar are you with your target audience? 

One of the biggest requirements when it comes to starting a business is familiarizing yourself with your audience or who you are targeting your product or service to. 

Knowing your audience means you are able to narrow in on getting the right messaging in front of the right people. Your customers will get insights into what you are offering and respond accordingly. This allows you, as the business owner, to adapt your future products or services to fit your audience perfectly. 

Listen. Learn. Adapt. 

This is particularly true when looking at multiple different platforms. Facebook typically caters to a demographic of ages 25-34, with genders being close but having more of a male demographic. With monthly users averaging around 2.7 billion a day, it makes sense to have advertising throughout the platform. Compared to Facebook, Instagram holds a larger percentage of teenagers and considering the cross-platformed content with Tik Tok, it’s a great place for casual conversation and high-res photography. Finally, LinkedIn has gained quite the following over the years and is typically catered to an older demographic, who focus on more professional content (Sprout Social, 2021).  

Knowing the difference between these common platforms and understanding your target demographic, means that as a business you can not only know how to better understand your audience but where to grow it!


There you have it, simple reasonings to prove that no matter the size of your business, you NEED social media marketing. Social media marketing is crucial to any business, but it doesn’t need to be stressful to manage. 

Take the time to establish platforms of choice, build your page so it reflects your brand, and start engaging! 

With the digital world expanding and growing, and more people joining and exploring through the many social media platforms – it’s the best time to establish your brand online. After all, with all the brands establishing themselves, and generating awareness and followings, it’s crucial to not be left behind. 

At Sproing Creative, we help collaborate with you to tell the story of your brand that only you can tell. Whether it is connecting, captivating, promoting or publishing your brand – we can help target the audiences you crave, and generate the traffic and awareness that your business needs.

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