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Case Mills

Artificial Intelligence - Changing the Digital Landscape

Computer and related technologies are improving and advancing at an ever increasing rate and each major advancement has ushered in a significant shift in the way we live our lives. Each advancement also resulted in a shift in our daily lives. As we continue to develop technologically, we’re progressing ever closer towards a new advancement, one that could drastically alter our lives forever, Artificial Intelligence.
Amanda Homeniuk

Time For A Change?

Unlike a bad yearbook photo tucked away on a shelf, your brand is on display every day. It's out there talking to your customers about your business before you even get a chance - so, have you stopped to think about what it's saying to them lately?
Case Mills

Dangers In Cyberspace

Lately, it seems like every other week a new vulnerability of some sort is discovered; From the infamous Heartbleed exploit from a couple of years ago, to an increase in very nasty ransomware software being installed on unsuspecting users computers, like the one that shut down a Los Angeles hospital’s computer network late February. It’s starting to become scarily clear that the internet has become a dangerous place.
Case Mills

Virtual Reality

What do you think of when you hear the words Virtual Reality? Do you think back to the early 80s when you first saw TRON? How about the Virtual flying simulator from The Lawnmower Man? Maybe you envision dodging bullets and performing insane acrobatic maneuvers like in the Matrix Trilogy or hacking someone's brain like in Inception?
Joe Pinheiro

Video takes starring role in web marketing

This is the year of the video and you cant escape it no matter where you roam in the social media world. For some clients, regular video programming like podcasts and blog posts, will be a form of content that drives social engagement and other marketing goals while other companies will have multiple uses for videos from product and service introductions to instructional and educational videos for employee training and recruiting.
Camille Block

How to Kill Your Website in 6 Easy Steps

Launching a new website is just the first step in securing an effective online presence. Making sure it stays that way is a whole other ball game! If you want to get the most out of your website, please do the exact opposite of these things.
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