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Travelling LITE and Finding the LIGHT

  • by Jeff Bassett
  • 2 years ago

I have recently travelled to Iceland for a family photography vacation. Our goal was to find and shoot interesting landscape.

I didn’t want to bring a large amount of gear so I decided to bring one camera and two lenses. I brought my aging 5D Mark II, Canon 24 1.4 ,70-200 2.8 and loads of cards to fill up. We did bring a tripod but it was hard for me to get my camera on it as my son brought his Mamiya 6x7 medium format film camera. As a former daily news guys photographer, I had to wing it. Not a problem.

We went during March break as the boys were off school. All the photos were taken during early or late day, for the best of day light. Just keep it simple and shooting while looking for the light. These images are real no effects.

Iceland Image1
The town of Borgarnes in the region Vesturland about 66 km’s away from Reykjavík.

Image One
5d Mark II
24 mm
F 7.1 -- 1/160 th of second
400 ISO

Iceland Image2
This was taken Borgarfjördur Eystri in the Eastern Fjords this is in the region of Austurland this was a remote area. Well worth the drive.

Image Two -
d5dMark II
24 mm
F 11-- 1/500 th of second
400 ISO

Iceland Image3
A night shot of Harpa this is in Reykjavík and it the concert hall. It is a beautiful glass building.

Image Three -
5dMark II
24 mm
f2.8-- 1/8 th of second (hand held)
800 ISO

Iceland Image4
The northern lights in Reykjavík. We travelled looking for the northern lights and we finally found them on our last day in the city. Ya that’s weird but true.

Image Four -
F3.5 -5 seconds
3200 ISO (no tripod just a steady rock)

Jeff Bassett is a National Award Winning photographer based in Vernon, BC. Shooting assignments for Sproing Creative, The Globe and Mail, National Post and the Canadian Press. Jeff is the former Chief Photographer for the Ottawa Sun from 1988 to 2004.


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